Dome Waterfall

About 38 water Miles from Myeik. Water on the rock directly flows into the sea.

Dome Nyaung Mai Village

About 48 water miles from Myeik. You can Dome Nyaung Mai (Sea Gypsy Village) observe Moken ( Sea Gypsy ) traditional cultures and their life style. Three Ethnic group (Burma ,Moken, Kayin) are staying at this island.

Smart Island

About 61 water miles from Myeik. This island has two beach such as Pebbles beach and Sand beach. It’s also nice for snorkeling, the crystal clean water for swimming and rest.

Harris Island

About 36 water miles from Myeik. Harris island is very first famous in Mergui Archipelago. Harris island knows as Lay Kyun beach and Marcus Island.

Natthamee Yaytwin island

About 51 water Miles from Myeik. Can sleep by Tents on this beach. Snorkeling and Swimming can do in crystal clean water. Sand are White and Smooth

Kyal Leik Island

About 68 water Miles from Myeik. Good for enjoy swimming in crystal water and relax on smooth white sand beach.

La Ngann Island

Sea Gypsy people are living at here and good for snorkeling.

Taung Ban Gyi Beach

About 40 miles from Myeik. This beach is possible for sleep and relax. Snorkeling site is nice and you will see so many corals.