Getting There

Southern Myanmar (Myeik Archipelago) infrastructure is developing.

Basically Myeik, Dawei, Kawthaung are link by Highway bus and Airline.

Buses are run daily from town to another town.

 Airline is fastest way to get around.

There are daily flights are leaving from Yangon to Dawei, Myeik, Kawthaung. Departure time and Arrival time are different for different airplanes.

Below travel time and prices for buses and airlines.

 By Airplane Yangon - Dawei (117$-50min)

Yangon - Myeik (128$, 138$, 148$-1hour)

Yangon - Kawthaung (148$,158$,167$-2:10hours)

 Dawei - Kawthaung (97$,107$,117$-1hour) By Bus

Yangon - Dawei (13hours -15,500 )VIP 2+1Bus

 Yangon - Myeik ( 18hours- 23,500MMK)VIP 2+1bus(33,500 MMK)

 Yangon - Kawthaung (27hours)

 Dawei - Myeik (15500MMK-5hours)

 Dawei - Kawthaung (15hours)

Myeik - Kawthaung (25000 -10hours)

Notice : The prices and time of air line and bus  are can be change on current time.